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  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Image Uploads
  • No Ads
  • Safe Backup
  • Free Customer Support
  • Direct Links

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    David Brun

    I have since the day the subscription 17/2/214:
    Estimado(a) DAVID BRUN ALFONSO:
    Se ha registrado correctamente para una suscripción a subpro12_v2 mediante PayPal.
    El primer pago de suscripción, por valor de $20,00 USD, ya se ha enviado a ImageShack.
    Detalles de la suscripción
    Fecha de registro: 17 feb 2014
    Nombre de suscripción: subpro12_v2
    Número de suscripción: S-0XC83388X2355512H
    Número de artículo: subpro12_v2
    Tipo de cambio: El tipo de cambio para esta compra es de 1 EUR = 1,32802USD
    Términos de la suscripción: $20,00 USD cada 12 meses
    Su suscripción se renovará automáticamente con las tasas mencionadas anteriormente a menos que la cancele antes del final del período de facturación.
    Si tiene alguna pregunta o alguna preocupación acerca de esta suscripción, póngase en contacto con ImageShack.
    Información de contacto
    Nombre de la empresa: ImageShack
    Correo electrónico de contacto:

    Today I found, quee can not add more images.
    What happens??
    Thank you very much.
    David Brun

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    todd mcduffie

    Todd McDuFFie

    Transaction Details i still cant upload! why i paid!

    Subscription Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 1PC00741S71078927)
    See related S-0N258323LR917752N
    You can see all of your recurring payments on the My preapproved payments.

    Original Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Mar 28, 2014 Payment To ImageShack Completed ... -$20.00 USD

    Related Transaction
    Date Type Status Details Amount
    Mar 28, 2014 Charge From Credit Card CompletedYour transfer from your credit card to your PayPal account is complete.Your transfer from your credit card to your PayPal account is complete. Details $20.00 USD

    Business Name:

    ImageShack (The recipient of this payment is Verified)

    Business Contact Information

    Customer Service URL:
    Customer Service Email:

    Total amount:

    -$20.00 USD
    Fee amount:
    $0.00 USD
    Net amount:
    -$20.00 USD


    Mar 28, 2014

    01:07:16 EDT


    Funding Type:

    Credit Card
    Funding Source:
    $20.00 USD - MasterCard Credit Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-6341
    This transaction will appear on your bill as "PAYPAL *MACBETH".

    You can report a transaction problem in the Resolution Center within 45 days of this payment. Have a problem with this transaction? Click here to resolve

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    thomas verbanck

    Same here
    Bonjour thomas verbanck,

    Vous vous êtes inscrit pour un abonnement à Monthly ImageShack Premium en utilisant PayPal.
    Votre premier paiement d'abonnement à $2,00 USD a déjà été envoyé à ImageShack.

    Détails des paiements échelonnés
    Date de l'inscription : 28 mar 2014
    Nom des paiements échelonnés : Monthly ImageShack Premium
    Numéros des paiements échelonnés : S-76V43538320546501
    Numéro d'objet : subpro1_v2
    Taux de change : Le taux de change appliqué à cet achat est de 1 EUR = 1,32450USD
    Conditions des paiements échelonnés : $2,00 USD chaque mois

    Please fix this quick !

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    belfakir saad

    I have the same problem. My paiement was processed and authorized by paypal for an annual subscription an I still have a trial account one month later and all is blocked.
    I send several mails to the support but no one is responding. It has been a month and it's driving me crazy.
    I will open a paypal puirsuit if no one resolve my problem quickly !!!

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