I cannot login

If you are experiencing problems with logging into the site please contact There are a few questions we would like to ask to determine why you are experiencing these issues including: 
  1. What web browser and version of the browser are you using?  For example Firefox 25.0.1
  2. What type of computer or device are you using to access For example a laptop, desktop, table etc
  3. What operating system is your device using? For example Windows 8
  4. What method of logging in have you attempted, and what error message if any did you see?
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    chung ching man

    i cannot login when i using firefox 37.0.2 of the web browser

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    i am getting an error message at log in asking if my information is correct. my login and password is automatic so i don't have to re-insert my information. i closed my browser, cleared my cache, and inserted my information manually. still got the same message. i requested a passord change email... input my email address, and was notified that the email address is not in your system. please help ASAP. i have windows 10 and i get these messages in both chrome and firefox browsers.

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    I have the exact same issue with no help whatsoever from IMAGESHACK

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    Is IMAGESHACK still a photo business or is it merely theft of my money and my photos? I changed my password and now I can not log in. Nothing works. No answers from Imageshack. It has not been months and I feel totally ripped off anfd will contact BBB on tham

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