Album privacy

If the privacy of an album is changed it will affect all of the images contained within it. Go to the albums page and choose the album you would like to update, and then click the album menu to see your options. Pictured below.


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    album privacy is not working
    In this link there are two albums:
    one is private
    one is private with password
    the private one should be visible to people with the above link only
    the private with password one should be visible to people who not only have the above link but also provide a password to open the album
    the moment an album is set to have any privacy the photos in are shown to be locked.
    The way it is needed for community groups is:, the members get the link that confines viewing to them, the committee members get the link and the password to open the more secure album/s

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    Further to this of course is the community web master who runs the uploading and picture selection, he has the site password and is the only one with read/write privileges for all the photos and albums

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    All the community group members get the Link and they can view and download pictures at full resolution.. The committee members have the password to access albums that need to be kept from all for dispute resolution and other reasons

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